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Bio - I've worked in the IT consulting realm for over 15 years. My background includes speaking at JavaOne 2011, Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (2009-2012), Groovy and Grails seminar, experience designing and developing in Grails, Roo and OSGi, Spring and Hibernate applications. Gordon has over 25 years as an experienced technical instructor in various technology paradigms. He has applied various technologies including the design, development and testing of applications, object and database modeling within most industries. I enjoy learning new technologies and sharing knowledge with others. I particularly enjoy taking a complex topic and breaking it down into simpler terms for anyone to understand.


Presenter & Speaker - My recent presentations include:

Instructor & Mentor - I teach and mentor in advanced Spring and open source topics such as:

•  Spring Integration •  Spring Batch
•  RabbitMQ and AMQP •  Apache ActiveMQ
•  OSGi and Eclipse Virgo •  Apache Maven

Blogger - Technophile Blog and actively tweet about open source technology - @gdickens.

Author - I contributed for the book Spring Roo in Action, was the technical reviewer of Spring Batch in Action and wrote the SpringSource Tool Suite RefCard for DZone.

Contributor - I am very active within the SpringFramework, Spring Roo, Spring Integration, Spring Batch and Eclipse Virgo projects. I have submitted numerous problem tickets and patches to these projects.

Reviewer - I've participated in reviewing several books for Manning Publishing:

•  Spring Integration •  Spring Batch
•  Spring Batch in Action •  Spring integration in Action
•  Spring Dynamic Modules in Action •  Spring in Practice
•  RabbitMQ in Action •  Camel in Action
•  Grails in Action •  Griffon in Action
•  Activiti in Action •  Node.js in Action
•  Well Grounded Java Developer •  Unit Testing in Java
•  Restlet in Action •  JQuery in Action, 2nd Ed.



My Spring 3.1 Demo on Heroku


Spring 3.1 Demo on Heroku. Demonstrates, environment profiles, environment variables, reporting beans in Spring Context

I Teach Official SpringSource Courses




I am a SpringSource Certified Spring Professional teaching the following courses

SpringSource Certified Professional Logo


Demos I use in my Spring Courses (from GitHub)


JavaOne 2012 - Spring and Java EE Panel Discussion



CON6430 - Java EE and Spring Framework Panel Discussion

  • Richard Hightower - Developer, InfoQ
  • Bert Ertman - Fellow, Luminis
  • Gordon Dickens - Technical Architect, IT101, Inc.
  • Chris Beams - Senior Technical Staff, VMware
  • Arun Gupta - Technology Evangelist, Oracle

In the age of Java EE 6 and Spring 3, enterprise Java developers have many architectural choices, including Java EE 6 and Spring, but which one is right for your project? Many of us have heard the debate and seen the flame wars—it’s a topic with passionate community members, and it’s a vibrant debate. If you are looking for some level-headed discussion, grounded in real experience, by developers who have tried both, then come join this discussion. InfoQ’s Java editors moderate the discussion, and they are joined by independent consultants and representatives from both Java EE and VMWare/SpringSource.


    Present a discussion between independents who do not work for either vendor, describing their experiences Present a discussion between vendors explaining the value of their offerings Involve attendees in the above discussionJavaOne Experience Level:Intermediate

Java EE in the Cloud Presentation



Enterprise Java Apps in the Cloud Presentation at JavaOne 2011


Session 22120

Presented with Spring Roo developer Stefan Schmidt

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Spring Social & Mobile Presentation




DZone MVB Logo   DZone Most Valuable Blogger


Meet the MVBs

My DZone Blogs


RESTful Web Services Presentation


Enterprise Spring Presentation



Presentation Two Intro to Spring Roo


Spring Roo Icon

Spring Roo Presentation


Grails Presentation



Download Demo from Git:


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