Annotation Reference for Spring Projects

Annotations are available for Spring and Java projects. I was unsuccessful in finding a single consolidated set of the annotations. So, I thought “What a great gap to fill.” However, what I thought would be a fairly simple endeavor, turned out to be a rabbit hole of research.

Below I have aggregated Spring (up to 3.1) and Java Annotations (over 500 annotations), most of which are used by Spring. JSR-168, JSR-220, JSR-222, JSR-224, JSR-250, JSR-299, JSR-303, JSR-314, JSR-315, JSR-317, JSR-318, JSR-330 & Hibernate 3.x.

Spring & Javax Annotations

Note: There are multiple tabs, see links at bottom of table.

Full Page Version

download sheetDownload Workbook (updated 05.Jul.2012)


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10 Responses to Annotation Reference for Spring Projects

  1. Ayorinde Afolayan says:

    Great job! But a little description of what each does and stand for would be great too.

    Thanks once more for a nice job well done.


  2. Very useful compilation. Thank you for sharing! :) But I have one request: can you make it downloadable in any way? Exported html, pdf or something :) It would be even more useful.

  3. admin says:

    Ayorinde – One of the reasons I chose to use a Google spreadsheet was so that I could circle back and add more information and correct any mistakes. I will retweet when I make any revisions.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. admin says:

    Tomasz – have you tried to go direct to the Google spreadsheet from the link provided? Can you export from there?


  5. admin says:

    Sorry for the confusion… I’ve added a download option to download the worksheet. Enjoy.

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  9. Oleksandr Zdanevych says:

    Thanks a lot! You did a great job!! It’s very useful!

  10. raghav says:

    Thanks it’s very helpful

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