Quick Install for tcServer 2.5 with Spring Insight in STS

Installation & Config

  1. Download tcServer Developer’s Edition – current version is 2.5.1 (free registration required)
  2. Make a directory for tcServer (such as /opt/tcserver or c:\tcserver)
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into that directory
  4. Type at command line in your tcServer directory (.sh for unix/mac, .bat for Windows): tcruntime-instance.sh create myInsight -t insight
  5. Start STS (I am using 2.7.1)
  6. From menu: File > New > Other… > Server > Server
  7. Scroll to VMware, choose VMware vFabric tcServer 2.5
  8. Click Configure Runtime Environments link
  9. Add new tcServer, setting the location to your tcServer directory, press OK
  10. Choose the newly configured Server Runtime Environment from the drop down
  11. Press Next
  12. Choose Existing Instance radio button
  13. Choose myInsight from the dropdown

Configuring for Tomcat 6

By default, the tcruntime-instance script configures Tomcat 7.

To use Tomcat 6 instead:
Determine the version of Tomcat 6 that is available with tcServer – the version is in the directory name. For tcServer 2.5.1, the directory is <tcServer Dir>/tomcat-6.0.32.C.RELEASE, so we know that our version is “6.0.32.C.RELEASE“.
Now execute the command: tcruntime-instance.sh create myInsight -t insight --version 6.0.32.C.RELEASE

Deploying & Running with Insight

  1. R-click on a web app, Run on Server (or drag and drop to tcServer in Server view)
  2. If server not running press the Green play arrow in the Server view toolbar
  3. Popup: Spring Insight is Available… enable gathering of metrics? – Click YES
  4. Connect to your app – e.g. http://localhost:8080/myapp
  5. Connect to Insight – http://localhost:8080/insight

About Gordon

Technology enthusiast primarily focused on Java and Open Source projects. Spring Certified Professional and Trainer. http://twitter.com/gdickens http://linkedin.com/in/gordondickens http://github.com/gordonad
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3 Responses to Quick Install for tcServer 2.5 with Spring Insight in STS

  1. hatim says:

    I want to share that with intellij on OSX and with tcServer plugin you can also easily configure tcServer in the IDE. The only caveat for Mac OS X is to have a JAVA_HOME variable in environment.plist in you home .MacOSX folder

  2. admin says:


    Thanks. I found out that IntelliJ does not read the environment variables from MacOSX (as configured in ~/.profile).

    I have not configured tcServer with IntelliJ yet. However, I have modified the /Users//.MacOSX/environment.plist file adding the following:

    The M2_HOME was essential with all the Maven projects I work with, I no longer had to manually enter it for every project.

    Gordon Dickens

    Blog: technophile.gordondickens.com

  3. Anuj says:

    Hey Gordon,
    Your post gives a good insight on how to have insight with tc server. Have you tried to integrate Spring Insight with Tomcat directly(so no tc server)? I am looking at doing the same and any pointers or help will be appreciated.


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