Configuring Spring Roo for Java 7

When creating a Roo project with the “project” command, we have the option to specify the Java Version

$ roo
roo> project --topLevelPackage com.gordondickens.myproj --java 6 --projectName testapp

If we choose Java 7 with Roo 1.2.1, the code will not compile with AspectJ included.

Steps to change to Java 7:

  • Change the Java version to 1.7
  • Set the AspectJ version to 1.7.0.M1 or higher
  • Set the Maven AspectJ Plugin to 1.4 or higher
  • If using Hypersonic, change the version to 2.2.8 or higher
  • Change the Hibernate version to 4.1.2 or higher
  • (optional) Change the Hibernate Entity Manager to 4.1.2 or higher

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One Response to Configuring Spring Roo for Java 7

  1. Daniel Serodio says:

    Since Roo doesn’t support Java 7 features (ROO-3106), what is the advantage of Configuring Spring Roo for Java 7?

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